Redux is a library to control the state of our web applications easily, in a consistent way between client and server, testable, and with a great development experience.

Redux is largely influenced by the Flux architecture proposed by Facebook for React.js applications and by the Elm language, it is very…

A detailed run-through of this module bundler

webpack bundler

Webpack is a module bundler. In other words, Webpack takes a bunch of different assets or files (like CSS, JS, SASS, JPG, SVG, PNG …) and it combines them into bundles, a separate bundle for each type.

Webpack Setup

We use npm to create a package.json file in a project directory:


Sometimes we need to upload files to the server, whenever this happens we can use the “carrierwave” gem to help us make everything easier. I recommend choosing the s3 as our server, deploy the app to Heroku as I will show you below.

Ruby on Rails

Create an AWS account

Don’t forget you will need a credit…

Flexbox VS CSS Grid

Since the launch of CSS grid, a lot of questions have surfaced about whether it could eventually replace Flexbox. In my opinion, this could never be the case with CSS grid because they complement each other, they are not the same and are not meant to…

Cecilia Benítez

I’m a Full-Stack Web Developer.

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